REBOL Storage Manager

RebSM is a small but highly efficient storage manager with a SQL-like interface.


Quick start

This revision of RebSM now works with both R2 and R3.

From a REBOL console:

help db-
test: db-load
help test
db-select test [] [1]
db-select test [] [all [c1 = 1 odd? c2]]

Changes since 3.0.3

The following changes were made in 3.0.4:

This last change means that the maximum series! length supported is 255 bytes.

Further reading

Read the Design document if you want an understanding of why RebSM is the way it is. If you want to understand the nuts and bolts behind the code then read the Internals document. If you just want to jump straight in and use it then read the Operation document.