Home Downloads Munge RebDB RebGUI SQLite Driver # REBOL Storage Manager RebSM is a small but highly efficient storage manager with a SQL-like interface. # Features - **Works out of the box** - Just add `do %rebsm.r` to your script and you are ready to go. No marathon installation / configuration / tuning sessions required! - **Native REBOL storage** - Your data is stored and accessed as REBOL values which means that you have the full range of REBOL data-types at your fingertips! - **Plays well** - The 10 functions that drive the database behave like any other REBOL function, accepting and returning REBOL values as you would expect. - **Lean and mean** - The entire script weighs in at about 20Kb of highly optimized and tuned R2 / R3 syntax. It can blaze through millions of rows a second! # Quick Start From a REBOL console: do http://www.dobeash.com/RebSM/rebsm.r help db- test: db-load http://www.dobeash.com/RebSM/test.bin help test db-select test [] [1] db-select test [] [all [c1 = 1 odd? c2]] # Documentation > Updated 3-Jan-2014 - [Design Guide](RebSM/design.html) - Describes the design of the Storage Manager. - [Internals Guide](RebSM/internals.html) - Describes the implementation of the Storage Manager. - [Operation Guide](RebSM/operation.html) - Describes the operation of the Storage Manager.