Home Downloads RebDB RebGUI RebSM SQLite Driver # Introduction Munge is a very useful function that enables you to get blocks of tabular (row and column) data from a variety of sources, manipulate the data in various ways, then store the result as a REBOL block or even save back as a CSV or Excel file! # Quick Start >> do http://www.dobeash.com/files/munge.r >> blk: ctx-munge/load-dsv "Name,Age^/Ben,20^/Bob,30^/Rob,40" == [ ["Name" "Age"] ["Ben" "20"] ["Bob" "30"] ["Rob" "40"] ] >> ctx-munge/munge/where next blk [&Age: to-integer &Age] == [ ["Ben" 20] ["Bob" 30] ["Rob" 40] ] # Documentation > Updated 24-Jan-2022 - [User Guide](Munge/user-guide.html) - Describes the use of major functions in the munge script. - [Function Reference](Munge/functions.html) - Lists all available functions in the munge script. - [Test Results](Munge/tests.html) - Lists all tests and results in the test suite.