Unleash the power of View

RebGUI is a lightweight alternative to VID that was designed and built from the ground-up on top of REBOL/View. It provides a rich, consistent set of OS-like widgets for building applications.

What's wrong with VID?

Nothing. VID provides an easy to use, high-level interface dialect to most of View's capabilities. You can quickly create a GUI in as little as one line of code:

view layout [text "Hello World!"]

without having to worry about how it works under the covers. VID does a lot on your behalf without you even realizing it. And there's the rub; when you do know exactly what you want and how best to achieve it you often have to figure out what VID is and isn't doing and then work around it.

VID provides a great free-form generalized approach to building GUIs, what it isn't so good at is building minimalist, high-performance application interfaces.


Design Principles

These principles gain efficiency at the cost of flexibility. If you need a flexible, generic solution then use VID.



RebGUI is a community project that is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Submissions, in particular widgets, will be accepted and credited to the author under the condition that they carry these same licence conditions.

Where do I get it?

Just click the 'RebGUI' icon (under REBOL Demos) in the REBOL/View Viewtop (which can be started by typing desktop at the console), or download the latest build.