Downloads Munge RebDB RebGUI RebSM SQLite Driver # Superior solutions for Software Developers We design, develop and support a range of lightweight REBOL-based software development tools that you may use freely for both commercial and non-commercial uses: - **munge** - Load and / or manipulate a block of tabular values. Supports CSV, Excel and SQL Server. - **RebDB** - Small but highly efficient Pseudo-Relational Database. - **RebGUI** - Lightweight GUI designed and built from the ground-up on top of REBOL/View. - **RebSM** - Small but highly efficient Storage Manager. - **SQLite Driver** - Uses the library access features of REBOL to provide native access to SQLite databases. # Software that works, without the bloat! Software today has become like fast food ... cheap and nasty with little real value. We take great care and pride in building software solutions which abide by the following principles: - **Clean installation.** Our software installs into its own folder and does not create or use registry settings. - **One small program.** Each of our products is a single program file, less than 1MB in size, with no DLL or library dependencies. - **Open data standards.** We only use open data standards such as ASCII files, JPEG images and SQL databases. - **Zero known bugs.** All software has, or will develop, undesired features. To reduce your stress (and our support costs) we do not ship software with known bugs. # What's all this REBOL stuff anyway? If you're wondering what the 'secret' to our success is, it's our use of a lightweight LISP-like language called [Rebol]( designed by Carl Sassenrath of Amiga fame.