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iPhone Development Resources

New Page added.
Nov 2008

RebGUI Beta 2 released

Full Release Notes now available.
March 2007

RecordMan documentation online

Full RecordMan documentation is now available online.
December 2006

SQLite Driver goes production

Our SQLite REBOL/Pro driver goes from beta (0.2.x) to production (1.0.x).
November 2006

SQLite Driver on SQLite.org

Our SQLite REBOL/Pro driver gets listed on the SQLite Wiki.
September 2006

New site goes live

Our all new look and feel website goes live (you"re looking at it now).
July 2006

RebGUI on rebol.net

It's official. RebGUI gets Carl's 'blessing' on his latest blog entry.
June 2006

ImageMan Pty Ltd renamed Dobeash Software

Dobeash Investments Pty Ltd has acquired the shares and assets of ImageMan Pty Ltd. To maintain our focus on delivering superior software solutions we have merged and rationalized our software product offerings under a new entity: Dobeash Software Pty Ltd.
May 2006

SynapseDirect to use RebGUI

New Zealand Electronic Medical Records system uses RebGUI.
February 2006

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