REBOL Development FAQ

Author : Ashley G Truter
Updated: 25-Jan-2011
Purpose: This document contains commonly asked questions about REBOL.

What is REBOL?

Relative Expression Based Object Language, see the following for more details:

Where can I find out more about REBOL?

What is R2 and R3?

R2 is short for REBOL 2 and is the current version of REBOL. The next version of REBOL is R3. Some useful R3 resources are:

What are these 'Discussion' groups you refer to?

Weblogs of the public discussions from the REBOL3 AltME world. Each developer tool has its own dedicated group where lively community discussion takes place.

What is the "REBOL3 AltME world"?

AltME is a secure private messaging system. A 'world' is an area (aka room) where people meet online to discuss things in various groups. REBOL3 is the world where REBOL developers congregate.

Where can I find out more about AltME?

The AltME Safeworlds website has detailed product information.

How can a REBOL script be turned into an 'executable'?

The REBOL Software Developer's Kit 'encapsulates' one or more scripts into a small executable (with no DLL or library dependencies). See the following for more details.